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The Vagrant Story Community

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This is a community for the RPG Vagrant Story by Square. Post anything: fics, fanart, recs, demented ramblings...you name it, as long as it has Vagrant Story in it somewhere. Or Zombies.

Yaoi, het, and even yuri if you can find a way to manage that, are all welcome here. Especially yaoi. Open membership; newcomers are invited to introduce themselves.

A few links:

Final Judgement: misspelling aside, a really good Sydney page.

bishonenink: has absolutely delightful fic, including a crossover with Xenogears that made me smile nonstop for like a week after the first time I read it.

Croik's Site! Hours of fun.

baf: bad ass fairies. A Vagrant Story m/m fanfiction site.

Popginny's Hour: a very good Japanese artsite, mostly shounen-ai. Access to the VS gallery is pretty straightforward; you just have to type Sydney's full name in the url that they provide, where the empty circles are.

Firedancer's Universe of Chaos and Fanfiction: This site only has two VS fics, but they're really good.

whoo: Another Japanese artsite, not so much with the yaoi, kinda small but has very interesting art.

Mooncalf.org: Unbelievably good parody. Read "Go Wyverns".

kitsch: More great parody.

Blood, Love, and Rhetoric: Goooood fic, by Sleeps with Coyotes. Really good.

I know I don't need to say this, but please read & heed whatever warnings you see at any or all of these websites; either for male/male relationships or explicit content. Also, remember that it is considered impolite to steal the artwork or writing of others, or to direct-link to their images. Not that I think any of you obviously cool people would do anything like that...I just wanted to say, to be safe. Y'know.